Onboard lifestyle… in Maldives

Sea, sun, and …
Life on board is characterized by relax and marked by moments dedicated to true marine sports. Days are passed pleasurably between scuba diving in some of the most beautiful areas of the Maldives, swimming with mask and fins discovering the incredible coral barrier and sun-bathing on desert islands. For those who prefer a holiday doing nothing, you can dedicate yourself to sun-bathing on the sun-deck equipped with comfortable sun loungers sipping a fresh drink. Alternatively spend hours lying in an area of paradise lapped by small waves, with no noise around, if not that of the sea and the sea bird colonies which allow your presence on their private beach.

Three expert european diving instructors collaborate with the Maldivian crew to make your journey unforgettable with respect for the sea and its harmony. It is our intention to make sure that during your stay, you don’t just simply feel like clients on board a splendid tourist structure but welcome guests to a house of old friends.

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Every day for the divers, two underwater accompanied dives are organised and one night-dive during the week. Our instructors have many years of experience in the Maldives and a profound knowledge of the sea bed and the local biology and they will lead you through the multicolour coral where manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and barrier sharks swim. All of this is not limited to scuba-diving and can be enjoyed by those with masks and fins together with our expert snorkelling guides in the discovery of the marine fauna. For those who want to try the scuba-diving activity, our instructors will be happy to introduce you to it. If your interest then becomes a passion, it’s possible, while on board, to carry out an OPEN WATER DIVER course receiving an International PADI certificate. Courses aren’t limited to beginners but are also for those who want to improve their knowledge and preparation. Advanced and specialized courses will also be proposed, of which we suggest that of naturalistic and digital photography, learning to capture even the shades of the sea…..
Children on board
Children of all ages are welcome even toddlers.
Bedrooms have been designed for families with one large double bed (standard size) and a single bed (standard size) offering all the necessary comforts.
Children, in particular from 8 years, can experiment in scuba-diving with equipment designed for them. The smaller ones can carry out snorkelliing accompanied by our snorkelling guide and enjoy excursions along the beach exploring the splendid lagoons and watching the lazy hermit crab. In the evening they can go fishing and with the help of our crew, even the smallest, can aim at prestigious prey. And, if the parents want to take part in an underwater dive? That’s not a problem, while the parents are diving it’s possible to use the baby sitter service on board.
Singles can book their holiday on our boat reserving a co-divided bedroom with another passenger of the same sex, without any extra charge, or ask for a double bedroom for single use.
Weddings while on a cruise
What a better setting for your wedding, even if symbolic, one of the Maldive beaches? Make your wedding unique celebrating the ceremony directly on board. At dusk under a gazebo of palm trees and flowers, with the sea, the waves and sun as your accomplices.
After the ceremony celebrated by our captain, a splendid wedding cake and sparkling wine to celebrate the most important day of your lives. Later Macana Maldive will offer you a romantic candlelit dinner on the upper deck of the boat, the melody of the waves breaking over the coral barrier will accompany your meal and the starry night as your roof.
Scuba diving equipment
For those who love travelling light, then you can hire all of the scuba-diving equipment on board. Ask at our offices before your departure so that you can be sure to find the right sizes.

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