Scuba diving courses in Maldives

Starting from the age of 8 up to an age where enthusiasm and energy makes it possible. The world of scuba-diving isn’t only fascinating and rich in mystery, it is welcoming and accessible to everybody. The first thing that strikes you when you put the regulator on for the first time is the sound of your breathing which is noted from the bubbles escaping and then total silence. Light and free immersion in a magical silence is extremely relaxing and takes you back to before your birth and offers a real sense of well-being. After this the fascination of what surrounds you takes over. A world of colours and magical and beautiful creatures which move gracefully amongst the coral formations. You feel like a character in a film or animated cartoon, so much so when you find yourself face to face with turtles and mantas. During the cruise Macana Maldives offer a Introductory dive for all of those who would like to feel this fantastic experience. Listen carefully to the instructor who will explain the simple rules within the shallow turquoise lagoon and then you are ready to go under. The shallow waters are home to branches of coloured coral colonies which are nurseries to every type of small fish.

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After gaining confidence with the water and equipment it’s possible to exit the reef and really enjoy this magical world…. And if curiosity becomes a passion, it’s possible, guided by our skilful expert instructors to carry out an Open Water Diver PADI course, which allows you to gain the fundamental techniques of diving, allowing one to dive in total safety enjoying the wonders of the marine world. For children from 8-10 years there is the “Bubble Maker” course, with the playing of games children gain confidence with the equipment and diving techniques and get close to marine creatures. For those just qualified and fascinated by marine life, who would like to improve their knowledge there are advanced courses for Advanced to Dive-master. These courses are carried out over one or two weeks with our instructors. For those who are interested in improving their knowledge on specific subjects then we offer specialty courses. Amongst these is the Underwater Naturalist Course, which helps you to understand the mechanism which controls life, reproduction and death of marine organisms. Another speciality we can suggest is digital underwater photography. With a little bit of hardwork and a few important tips our instructors will teach you how to take beautiful photos of the marine world which will become splendid souvenirs of your holiday.

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